Welcome, Beta Tester!

Thanks for taking the Dream Prague Visa Course for a test drive!
In exchange for free access to the course ($50 savings 🤪🤫), we’d love some honest feedback.
Your experience and comments will help us refine the course and pass along improvements to next month’s students.

You can access the U.S. course here.

If it asks you for a Coupon Code, it's BETATEST

Here’s how to approach the course:

1. Go through the modules (at least MODULES 0-6) before you travel to Prague. The whole course is only about 3 hours total, so the first half shouldn't take you that long. That way you get the big picture perspective of what the visa process will be like for you.

2. When you arrive in Prague, follow the steps you're asked to take each week. At the end of each lesson, let us know in the comments how it went for you, or if you had any issues, or if you have questions. We’ll get back to you within a day or two. The goal of the course is to answer all your questions for you, but we’re here to help if something comes up.

3. There are two short questionnaires—one half way through the course and one at the end. Please use them to give us some feedback - anything positive is good to hear and any thing negative is good to help us improve. 

Thanks for being a beta tester, and safe travels to Prague!

Jen & Nica