How to Use Prague's Public Transit

Wondering how the Prague Public Transit System works? Here’s the skinny:

  • You can buy transit tickets in Metro Stations in machines, or from vestibules during business hours. They are not sold on trams and buses, so buy a few extra if you think you’ll need them later.

  • Tickets are based on time - you can buy tickets for 30 min., 90 min., 24 hrs. or 72 hrs. Your ticket starts when you validate it in the yellow punch machines in metro station, on trams and buses. An unvalidated ticket is not valid.

  • One ticket covers metros, trams and buses, and all transfers between them within the time of your ticket.

  • The Prague Transit system works on the honor system. Plain-clothes ticket inspectors will flash a badge and demand to see your validated ticket. If you are caught without a validated ticket, you will get a ticket for 800Kč ($35USD). Non-residents must pay on the spot in cash.

Want more details? Check out the video…



There are three Metro lines, which converge in a triangle in the center of the city, at Florence (Red “C” / Yellow “B”), Mustek (Green “A” / Yellow “B”) and Muzeum (Red “C” / Green “A”).

Inside each metro, you’ll see a sign like this:

Prague Metro Directions.jpg

Choose the platform based on where your desired stop is in relation to your current location. If your stop is to the left, go to the platform on the left. If on the right, you go right.

The metro runs from about 4:45 am until midnight. If traveling at night, you can take a night tram or night bus.


Trams run throughout the city, and buses mostly run to the outer ring of Prague. Tram / Bus stops look like this:

The schedule looks like this:


The underlined stop (in this case Namesti Republiky) is where you are now, your next stop is the one listed below (Dlouha trida). If you need a stop listed above your current location, you need to travel in the opposite direction. Cross the street to the stop for trams/buses going in the opposite direction.

To see when your tram comes next, scan down to the current time.


Google Maps works quite well in Prague and will give you a few options for travel, and also tell you the price of the ticket you should buy (based on how long the trip will take you).

How to take Public Transit in Prague.jpeg