Vyprávěj Explained: Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome to my Vypravej Explained Series. “Vypravej”, meaning “narrate” or “tell (a story)”, is a hugely popular Czech television show, akin to the Wonder Years or a serialized Forrest Gump. It follows one family (The Dvořak’s) through five decades of life in the Czechoslovakia.

The show is available to watch here on Ceska Televize, but only in Czech! If you want to know what’s happening scene by scene in English, I’ve translated the subtitles below.

Check back each month for a new translated episode!



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Karl: It’s an album!

Eva: You promised you’d put it together.

Karl: There wasn’t time. I was at your hip surgery.

Eva: You promised for Matej’s thirtieth Birthday. It was last fall, before the operation.

Karl: I’ll get to it.

Eva: Here's Honza at one year old. When was it?

Karl and Eva: 1966


Honza: So this is us, The Dvoraks. Dad took our photos whenever he could. At New years, at weddings. At Birthdays. When I browse through the foto albums now, I'm glad that we have something to remember, even though I haven't tried a group photo like others. I remember that the last photo together before the velvet revolution, Matej took on our grandfather's 70th birthday.

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Crowd: Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

Honza: We always celebrated his birthday at the end of January, after Palach's week. Palach's week of 1989, that time they cracked down on us more than we expected.

Police: We'll give you freedom, son of a bitch!

Crowd: Help! Help us please!

Honza: After a while, I saw dad there.

Crowd: How dare you! There are our children! Lucka!

Honza: But then Lucka and I were dragged into a van. Jarda suffered a heart attack from the shock. And dad? He finally understood that the regime doesn't care whether people protest or not. It crushes us all.

…Palach week, 1989 was a harbinger of the whole stormy year. People were no longer afraid to state their opinions like earlier. But it was still a long way until the velvet revolution. And no one suspected that there would be any revolution at all.



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RADIO: Many people were arrested on the spot. Many of them were injured and had to seek medical treatment.

BABI: It seems like today was the most brutal crack down yet. Something's got to happen now.

JOSEF: But, Mom...It's always the same song, nothing happens. Of course I postponed the birthday party until Saturday. 

RADIO: The demonstrators were surprised by the brutality and the numbers of deployed security officers. 

JANA: We really have to reach Tonda—he was definitely there.

HONZA: At that moment, they had no idea that Tonda was not at the protest alone.

RADIO: You are listening to the broadcast of radio free Europe.

Departure in the direction of Zbraslavice


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FRIEND: Suddenly the cops had grabbed them and dragged them into the vans. I was lucky that I managed to escape one in the crowd. Otherwise I would be there too.

MAJDA: Where did they take them?

FRIEND: I don't know but I know they took them somewhere outside Prague.


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EVA: Matej's already sleeping.

RADIO: In foreign policy, we return to visit the Secretary General of the Central Committee. The Yemeni socialist party in Czechoslovakia.

EVA: How do I pack now? Isn't it going to be cancelled?

KARL: No. I think it will be better if Matej gets out.

EVA: You're right.

RADIO: We appreciate the attitudes of the Communists and other political parties…

EVA: Karl, I'm really scared for Honza.

KARL: Me too. He's a trouble-maker but he's our boy. He's sensible—he'll call us when he can, you'll see. 

EVA: And you still don't want to go looking for them?

KARL: I'll go there.

EVA: Matej!

KARL: How come you're not sleeping yet?

MATEJ: Mommy, did you pack my long-johns? I don't want tights.

EVA: You know I will, don't worry. But now, run to bed, okay?

KARL: Come.

MATEJ: ‘Night.

RADIO: The party's leadership fully supported the measure, which state and party authorities acknowledged to secure order in accordance with the constitution and laws of our country which apply to all citizens without distinction.


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MR. FRANC: This is Franc.

MARTINA: Good evening, this is Martina Polovna. I'm very sorry to be calling so late.

MR. FRANC:  Well, what is it?

MARTINA:  Jarda was at Wenceslas Square, at the demonstration.

MR. FRANC:  Jarda? What was he doing at the demonstration?

MARTINA: He had a heart attack. He's at the hospital.


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POLICE OFFICER: We're going to go really hard on that scum.

HONZA:  How long can it take?

TONDA: We can wait here quietly until morning, until the men eat.

LUCKA: I have an exam tomorrow morning.

HONZA: I'm curious what you'll say to your professor.

TONDA: We were practically the first ones they took, so our identity cards will be at the bottom of the stack.

HONZA:  This isn't possible.

TONDA: Remember, when you get there, don't give them information. You had just left school, end of story, got it?

HONZA:  Got it, don't worry. It's just that I'm scared.

TONDA:  Behave yourself. There's no payoff here, we clear?

HONZA:  yeah.


LANDLADY: Come in but nobody's here.

KARL: So thank you.

LANDLADY: Wait a moment. Good evening.

VERONIKA: Good evening. I've come for Lucka, is she here?

LANDLADY: She's not here. But Mr. Dvorak's here, keep going.

VERONIKA: Thank you.

KARL: Hi, Hi

VERONIKA: So you couldn't stand it at home?

KARL: Nobody is here.

VERONIKA: Why did they go there? The radio said it was the most brutal crackdown yet. What were they doing there?

KARL: I don't know. I just saw them being stuffed into that van. Besides, I had to take care of Jarda.

VERONIKA: What's that?

KARL: Jarda's in the hospital. He had a heart attack.

VERONIKA: And is he okay?

KARL: Probably yeah.

VERONIKA: This is insane.  I hope that nothing will happen to them and that Lucie isn't kicked out of school. But why is she doing this to me?

KARL: It will be fine, you'll see.

VERONIKA: Yeah? Why did that brat even go there?

KARL: Remember what you were like? In your school days?

VERONIKA: Yeah...Karl go home, I'll stay here. I'll call you after. I wouldn't be able to stand being alone at home anyway.

KARL: So then, bye.



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POLICE: Mischa, make me  a Turkish coffee too. So then, Miss, you went down Wenceslas Square, totally by coincidence?

LUCKA: Yes, from school.

POLICE: Where is your faculty department?

LUCKA: On Celetny.

POLICE: On Celetny! That's a bit far from Wenceslas square, don't you think?

HONZA: I was going to the metro at Muzeum.

POLICE: Uh huh.  Did it seem strange to you that something was happening?

HONZA: Something's always happening there. Does  that mean I shouldn't go there?

POLICE: And you think we just caught you for nothing?

HONZA: There was a horrible scuffle.

POLICE: But you will fly out of that school anyway.  So we'll write it down, Libor. Name?

HONZA: Jan (FYI, “Honza” is the nickname for “Jan”)

POLICE: Surname?

HONZA: Dvorak


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JARDA: What happened?

NURSE: You had a heart attack, Mr Franc. Fortunately it was a weak one. You're wife was already here.

JARDA: My wife?

NURSE: Yes. Very nice, black hair?

JARDA: Martinka.

NURSE: Now it’s important that you relax. Try to fall asleep.  You need absolute peace.

JARDA: Nurse, how long do I have to lie here?

NURSE: In two weeks you will surely still be here. And then probably four weeks in a normal room.

JARDA: So long?

NURSE: Be happy that you're okay.


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LUCKA: What do you think they'll do to us?

HONZA: Calm down, interrogation doesn't mean anything.

LUCKA: I don't understand why they kept Tonda.

HONZA: I'd like to know that too.

LUCKA: Mom's going to kill me

HONZA: Don't worry, maybe nothing will happen

LUCKA: If I miss the exam, I'll have to repeat the whole year, get it?  I have a deadline.

HONZA: You'll make it. Hey, a train station, come!


MAJDA: Mommy, has dad returned yet?

ZUZKA:  Not yet.

MAJDA: I'm not going to school and I'll wait here with you for him.

ZUZKA:  You think so, huh? You'll go—you would be useless here. Go back to sleep.


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MR. FRANC: You better get well soon. 

JARDA: What about Lucka?

SCARLETT: Don't even talk about that. We'll deal with that. But don't worry about anything right now. Please, relax. Oh, I would have totally forgotten. Dahlia cooked you a little something extra.

DOCTOR: Hello, - Hello

SCARLETT: The senior physician said that you were lucky, the heart attack was weak.

DOCTOR: Even so, we must be vigilant. But it will be alright. Nurse, show me, I'll write the sick-leave form.

JARDA: Mom, please can you arrange it with work?

SCARLETT: You know I will, Jarous, of course.

DOCTOR: So, I have to run.

MR. FRANC: Doctor, if you need anything, please let me know, okay? I would hate to hear otherwise. You know where it happened, of course…

SCARLETT: I have to run too.  You will be taken care of here, don't worry. Bye


MARTINA: Goodbye.


MARTINA: Why didn't you ask me?

JARDA: For what?

MARTINA: I would’ve taken the sick-leave form to your work.

JARDA: I didn't mean it that way.

MARTINA: You don't think so? We live together, don't we?

JARDA: Please, you're stressing me out.

MARTINA: I stress you out? Me?

JARDA: Martina?


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JIRI: Hey. 

VACLAV: Hey. You heading out today?

JIRI: Yeah, yeah. Another week with the scouts. To zas bude záběr pro moje játra. That will be a shot for my liver again.

KARL: Good morning.

VACLAV: Hey, Karl slept in longer than we did!.

KARL: I had a reason to oversleep. They sprayed me on Wenceslas Square. Jarda collapsed there. My son was dragged away into a van by the cops.

VACLAV: Is Honza alright?

KARL: Hopefully yes, I hope. I don't have any information about him yet.

JIRI: Since when do you go to demonstrations with Jarda?

KARL: We don't, come on, it was an accident. I was only there to buy ski boots. We bumped into each other there, and we both got caught up in it.

VACLAV: Seriously?

JIRI: Is Jarda okay? 

KARL: They took him to the hospital. Heart attack.

VACLAV: I was listening to Jiri Ryba on Voice of America. He said it was pretty brutal.

KARL: Guys, there were beating people senseless. They were spraying water on him, in this cold and they didn't care if the person was there by chance or not.

JIRI: They have nothing to do there, it won't solve anything anyway. It must be done in a completely different way.

VACLAV: And how? From half-liters at the pub?

KARL: What the hell are you talking about? My son and Lucka were dragged by cops just because they were on Wenceslas Square and you say that they shouldn’t have been there?  

JIRI: Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I heard that it was just a normal bust. They’ll take them somewhere outside Prague and drop them off there. Don't worry, Honza will be fine.

KARL: Thanks. I hope.


HONZA: Lucka, Lucka wake up. We're already there, come on.


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JANA: Imagine, they sprayed them with that water cannon. Now, in January. Even the little one. And they picked up Honza and Lucka.

IVETA: It's terrible.

JANA: I'm so terribly worried.

IVETA: Don't worry Jana. They were just interrogated and then let go. 

JANA: I hope so.

RADEK: I hope you're having a good mornings. Dears, can I have your attention for a moment? Let me introduce your new colleague, Tereza Duchova. She comes to us as a specialist in computer technology, which we haven't had yet, but we’ve been waiting for, as you know, every day.

JANA: Well then, I'm Jana Dvorak, hello.

TEREZA: Hello.

IVETA: Iveta Hajova.

TEREZA: Hello.

RADEK: Here are some reports. Please process them as quickly as possible. So Teresa, I hope you like it here. 

IVETA: Not here! 

RADEK: What not here?

IVETA: Our Colleague sits there. Věra Kapiškova.

TEREZA: I'll sit somewhere else.

RADEK: No. Yes, of course Vera Kapiskova sits here. But before she comes back….

IVETA: What is wrong with her? She should be back from Vienna, right?

JANA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's true, but...she called and she's sick. So I probably forgot to tell you, sorry. You can sit here.


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VERONIKA: Jesus, Finally. Lucka, Hi.


VERONIKA: Is everything okay? 

LUCKA: Yeah.


LUCKA: What are you doing here?

VERONIKA: I was worried about you so I was waiting for you here. What did they do to you? Did they interrogate you?

LUCKA: Yeah, mom, the interrogated everyone there. How's Dad?

VERONIKA: He had a heart attack.

LUCKA: What?

VERONIKA: Don't worry I spoke with Scarlett, everything's okay.

LUCKA: That's all we need.

VERONIKA: What are you doing, where are you going?

LUCKA: I have to run to school for an exam.

VERONIKA: Are you crazy? You spent the whole night with the police and now you want to go take an exam?

LUCKA: I'm supposed to repeat this whole year because of those idiots? I'm sorry, but I really have to.

VERONIKA: Get some food in yourself, please!

LUCKA: Yeah!

VERONIKA: Tonda was with you there too?

HONZA: Yeah. They haven't released him yet.

VERONIKA: Honza, what are you guys doing? You can get into trouble at school, they can expel you.

HONZA: They already caught a few guys from school and nothing happened. The vice-dean just threatened them.

VERONIKA: Fine. Last night I ran into your father here. You should call him. 

HONZA: Why him?

VERONIKA: Honza, your father is worried about you.

HONZA: I'll call mom.

VERONIKA: Get some sleep. Bye. 



ZUZKA: Tonda, where were you?

TONDA: They kept me in Zbraslav.

ZUZKA: You see, I was worried that you wouldn't make it to my dad's celebration this weekend.

TONDA: Come here.

ZUZKA: It's too much for me.

TONDA: For me too.


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IVETA: That's what Radek deliberately does.

JANA: Deliberately? What?

IVETA: You didn't see her look lovingly at Radek?

JANA: Oh that! Iveta, please. Doesn't he seem too old to her? Besides, he could be her grandpa. Not everyone is into older gentleman like you.

IVETA: Is this your first job?

TEREZA: Uh huh.

IVETA: And you know how to do it, right?

TEREZA: Not all of it, but the basic programming, yeah.

IVETA: Programming, huh.

JANA: Our Honza also understands it. He has a computer at home, but smaller  than that one. He understands a lot of things, like how to print pictures, or a lot of text at once.

IVETA: Hey, I thought when we had a typewriter all these years it would be more than enough.

JANA: Don't worry about her, she's not evil.


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LUCKA: A got a “B”!

KLAUDIA: What? A “B”!

LUCKA: Wow, considering what I was babbling in there, so great!

KLAUDIA: And our semester is over!

LUCKA: You're the best for chatting to him so he waited for me.

KLAUDIA: It's okay. Where were you?

LUCKA: Well, earlier on Wencelsas Square

KLAUDIA: Wait, at the demonstration?

LUCKA: Yeah, and then they held us. And we spent the whole night somewhere at Kutna Hora for the Interrogation.

KLAUDIA: And what about your situation.

LUCKA: I don't know, it’s all the same. It's my life.

KLAUDIA: My mom would definitely kill me.

LUCKA: Hey let's get a coffee, I'm dead tired.

KLAUDIA: Yeah, of course. How was Christmas?

LUCKA: It was fine. 

KLAUDIA: My mom and I were fooling around and we sent in our applications to the Miss Pageant. 

LUCKA: What's that? But I'm not going there.

KLAUDIA: You are going. You signed it.

LUCKA: Klaudia, you didn't! Wait!


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JIRI: I told you Vašek, I have the foreign currency. But what's next?

VASEK: What's up?

KARL: Nothing. I'm not hungry, thank you.

VASEK: Hey, when you have your foreign currency, you must procure a background check from the criminal registry and you stand in a nice line in Pankrac. And with that you ask for an exit clause. That is, if you want to go with me to Yugoslavia.

JIRI: Yeah, clearly

KARL: Yeah, of course

VASEK: Yeah, and you must hand over your military book to the military administration. You can't leave it at home

JIRI: That too?

VASEK: Of course.

KARL: Excuse me, This is Dvorak. Hi Veronika, so what's up? They're already home. Thank you, thank you. And what did they say? What do you mean, nothing? It doesn't matter. The most important thing is that everything is okay. Good.


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EVA: Matej if you were looking for your glasses, they're in your backpack, okay? I'll make you a snack.

HONZA: Hi. Mom I’m not hungry.

EVA: Please, sit and eat.

HONZA: I came back only to show you — so you could see that I was alright.

EVA: that's very nice of you, because we were very worried about you.

HONZA: Even dad? He wasn't angry?

EVA: You should call him. You'd make him happy. This weekend we have Grandpa Josef's 70th birthday celebration. You could come with Lucka.

HONZA: Mom, I don't know if Lucka has something that day.

EVA: I was only thinking that since a 70th birthday is really a big event, that you could find time for your family. Your grandmother is even coming from Slovakia.


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COLLEAGUE: Salutations boys!


COLLEAGUE: So Jirka, you're ready to go? You're all waxed up? One of the scouts said there was a meter of snow. Have you heard? Yesterday at Wenceslas Square was apparently harsh.

VACLAV: Karl was there.


KARL: By mistake

VACLAV: Does anyone want coffee?

VASIK: I'd like some. Greetings everyone.

VACLAV: Hey son.

COLLEAGUE: Vasik Hora junior, another member of the expedition to the scout cottage. So, I'm going to go change clothes and wait for you at the bus. Later.


KARL: You're going too, right?

VASIK: Of course.

VACLAV: And why not, Martina's pregnant.


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.16.22 AM.png

SCOUT LEADER: Vrána, I have your health declaration, I'm only missing Kubala. Since I don't know what he looks like, I'll wait for him at the bus door.  Kubala! Kubala! Why are you buzzing around here, boys?

VASIK: Come here, kid, what's that? You know what, let's do this...go. Ten reps, one, two, three.

JIRI: Vašik learns quickly, huh?

SCOUT LEADER: Because it's a good method. Who invented it? Wasn't it me? Anyway, it's a shame that Martina isn't going with us. Vašík is definitely not an adequate replacement. But you'll be glad this kid isn't yours.

JIRI: You're an idiot.

EVA: Hi.


EVA: I spoke with Honza. He came home, ate everything and then left again.

KARL: So everything's back to normal.

EVA: But I'm glad about that.

KARL: I am too. Come.

SCOUT LEADER: And, little Mr. Dvorkak

KARL: Be good, okay?

SCOUT LEADER: What are they feeding you, that you grow so much? You're going to be on the first team, aren't you?

MATEJ: But I was there last year, uncle.

SCOUT LEADER: And you got it.

JIRI: Bye.

SCOUT LEADER: We're going without Kubala, I guess. And no I'll explain how you will behave during the journey.


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EVERYONE: Hey, hey people.

MAJDA: So, what's up?

HONZA: It's all good. What about your dad, is he home yet?

MAJDA: Yeah, he's totally fine. Although he said they were deliberately harassed. They threatened him with conditions, but that remains to be seen. 

ROSTA: So, we all survived in good health. 


ROSTA: As a newcomer to our party, I have to offer you a refill.

KLAUDIA: Thanks, but I don't drink that much, you know.

ROSTA: Please, don't tell me that you don't party in Olice. Come on, let's go.


ROSTA: Shall we get a Zeleny?

KLAUDIA: Sure, why not?

HONZA: How did your exam turn out?

LUCKA: It took you long enough to ask. I got a 2.

HONZA: Congratulations! It looks like you're going to graduate before me.

LUCKA: Do you know where Klaudia and I applied?


LUCKA: To the Miss pageant, once they resume.

HONZA: That' great, I guess.

ROSTA: Dude, I got away at the last moment, and then I took off, ran really far. 

KLAUDIA: On the Voice of America, they said it was the harshest demonstration all week.

ROSTA: They said that, huh. It was. So, moving on.


FRIEND: Hey, on Satruday there's gonna be another protest in Všetaty. That's where Palach is buried. Who here would go?

MAJDA: It's my grandpa's birthday.

FRIEND: We should go.

FRIEND: It will have been a year, come with us.

FRIEND: Next year there won’t be a chance. There won’t even be a Všetaty. (Unclear translation: Přiští rok ale kulatiny nebudou. Takže nebudou ani Všetaty - if you have a better translation, put it in the comments!)


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.25.18 PM.png

FELIX: Hey there!

NURSE: Quiet, Mr. Franc needs peace.

FELIX: I apologize, silence heals. I'll go in a minute, nurse.

NURSE: In a minute, but quietly. 

FELIX: Thank you. Hey buddy what are you doing here?

JARDA: I didn't want to work. How didd you know where I was, Felix?

FELIX: Martina called me. 


FELIX: Everyone at work is asking about you. The boss is worried about you.

JARDA: He shouldn't be. I was lucky it wasn't anything serious.

FELIX: Why were you horsing around on Wenceslas Square. After all, you're not a dissident family.

JARDA: Please, give the joking a rest. I was buying flowers. I wanted to propose to Martina.

FELIX: Aha. So you should have done it as soon as possible, since you look like this. Actually, that's why she won't be able to turn you down. Paradise? You'll live.

JARDA: I'm afraid so. We've already had a fight here.

FELIX: How long are you laid up here?

JARDA: Not less than two months.

FELIX: Two months, then recuperation at the spa. You show us how it's done. Don't worry, the boss keeps moving the Syrians to me, so we'll manage it one way or another. Mainly, we just need to pull it together.



FELIX: Hello, Hello. I won't bother you anymore. Excuse me.

FELIX: Goodbye

MARTINA: Goodbye. So, how are you? Are you better?

JARDA: My fever has already subsided. Today I'm feeling quite good.

MARTINA: I brought you something.

JARDA: Thank you.


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.29.43 PM.png

KARL: Yes. 

JOSEF: Karl?

KARL: Hey Birthday boy, where are you?

JOSEF: I stopped by for a few things that I had left here.

KARL: Do you have time, shall we have coffee?

JOSEF: Yeah, sure. You got a cake?

KARL: Yeah, a whole one. Do you remember how your sister's wedding turned out? How we knocked the cake on the ground?

JOSEF: You shouldn't have gone to the trouble, I'm not at all sweet.

KARL: Wait until you see it.

JOSEF: Hey, how's work? Sorry but lately you seem kind of worn-down.

KARL: Dad, I need to say something to you. I applied for party membership. For the boys. And for me, so I can move up at work. They were always pressuring me to be more than an engineer. And now I'm ashamed of it.

JOSEF: I was also approached once, you were still in college. But Mikulaš saved me. When they found out my brother was an emigrant, they cancelled their invitation. I know, times are tough. It distorts and bends everything. When a man has lived in it for almost his whole life, he doesn't even remember what it's like to live normally. Freely.

KARL: I have actually lived in it my whole life. But I admire Tonda, who stands behind his principles.

JOSEF: Everybody doesn't have to be a hero. But how do you deal with it internally? Hey I know you meant well, I'm not angry. But in front of Grandma, I'd keep it quiet, what do you think? I wouldn't want her to move out again.

KARL: Thanks


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.36.42 PM.png

JANA: Tonda, Tonda,

TONDA: Thanks

JANA: Just take it Jenička. Thank you honey. Matej, Vikouška, take that away, there's too much stuff here. Where are they with the cake? It can't take this long. Finally!

RADEK: Hi, are we late?

JANA: No Josef isn't here yet.

IVETA: I baked Caraway sticks.

JANA: Great, put them in the kitchen please, on the table.

RADEK: Allow me.

IVETA: Thank you.

RADEK: You're welcome.


RADEK: Hi, everyone.

JANA: Hi! I'm so happy to see you. I was worried. You're in one piece. 

HONZA: Yeah, we're good.

JANA: Grandpa will be very happy.

HONZA: Hello, this is Lucka.

JANA: Hello.

HONZA: Where should I put this.

TONDA: I'll show you, put it here.

JANA: Boy oh boy, Peanuts? There's a lot here. Does everyone have everything?

RADEK: May I have glass please?

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.45.58 PM.png

MARIA: It's wonderful to have some many people here. Who's not here yet?

BABI: Of course Josef should be here.

MARIA: But he's coming, don't worry. And is Jana's lovely colleague from work coming? She went cross-country skiing with us once.

BABI: Who, Vera?

MARIA: Yes, Vera.

BABI: She emigrated. 

IVETA: What??

BABI: She and her husband went to Vienna and they're still there.

IVETA: And they had planned to stay?

BABI: Yes, of course.

IVETA: Jana, could I have a word with you?

JANA: Sure.

IVETA: Why did you lie to me.

JANA: Me? That’s nonsense, when?

IVETA: Yesterday. You said that Vera was still sick. So you both were playing a joke on me, huh?

RADEK: No, Iveta, that's not true, calm down.

IVETA: It's not true?

RADEK: No, it's not.

IVETA: So why didn't you tell me that Vera emigrated?

RADEK: We're, you know…

IVETA: You're what? You made a fool out of me.


IVETA: A proper fool.

JANA: No! Vera didn't want us to tell anyone.

IVETA: Even me, huh?

RADEK: Wait, don't take it like that.

JANA: Don't leave, Josef will be here any minute.

IVETA: Then say hello to him.

JANA: Iveta!

KARL: What's that?

JANA: Nothing. I hope it will blow over soon. Show me the cake. Where were you?

JOSEF: We're here now.

RADEK: Attention, the birthday boy has arrived.


KAREL: Hi everyone. Here he is.

JOSEF: You're packed in here like sardines! But I'm really happy that you all came. Yes, of course. Honza put this in the bedroom. So then, what are we toasting? Does somebody have a birthday?

KARL: I've got to go wash my hands. Hi.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.54.29 PM.png


KARL: How are you?


KARL: Apparently they interrogated you?

HONZA: Yeah.

KARL: And everything is alright?

HONZA: Yeah.

KARL: That's good. I was thinking that we hadn't talked for a long time. It was a mistake.

HONZA: you didn't want to speak to me.

KARL: You're right, I didn't want to speak to you. And I shouldn't have thrown you out of the apartment. You were right. You're an adult, you can do what you want. It's your life.

MAJDA: Uncle, Grandma says we're going to take a  photo.

KARL: We'll be there in a minute, okay? I used to hide my mother in the closet once too. (?? Bad Translation? Idiom? Já jsem taky kdysi musel mámu schovávat ve skříni.)

HONZA: Really?

KARL: Yeah. It was still in college in the dorms. 

HONZA: I didn't know you used to be a tough guy.

KARL: Who me? I guess I was. I'd like to see you at 45. So, I'm going to get ready for the photo.

HONZA: I'm going to go in there.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.03.17 PM.png

MIREK: What can I say without being offensive?

JOSEF: Well, let's see.

MIREK: We know it.

BABI: Not long ago he would have refused but today he enjoys it.

FRANTISEK: He's just old

MARIA: Is he really 70? Jana, where are the matches, we should light candles.

MIREK: Attention

JOSEF: What's happening?

JANA: My dear Josef. I wanted to tell you that your 70th birthday is just the beginning.


JANA: And that you are the most wonderful man in the world. To your health and happiness.

JOSEF: I'm terribly happy that you all came.

KARL: Blow them out!

JOSEF: I don't know how I can manage it.

EVERYONE SINGS: Mnoga ljeta, Mnoga ljeta, Mnoga ljeta, živijó. Cheers!

HONZA: Everyone, attention, before the fun starts we need a group photo. Grandma get in the middle.


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.17.58 PM.png

REPORTER: Actually, up to that date, Všetaty, the community of two thousand was mainly known only because of the great variety of onions grown there. Those who led the street demonstrations in Prague didn't fail to publicize the other fact that Jan Palach had been buried in Všetaty. Radio Free Europe also publicized it. This announcement has become a challenge or even an invitation for some people who have planned their trip there.

VŠETATY RESIDENT: We are not happy about it. It has been going on for almost a week, from Wenceslas Square out to here. Who are they? What kind of people are they? Who gives them money for this?

REPORTER: Foreign correspondents from Western countries were apparently disappointed at  the planned event.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.21.34 PM.png

REPORTER: There is perhaps only one expression for what happened today in Bedrichov, in the Jizera mountains: Invasion.  By 10am the fully-filled, large central parking lot was closed and on Jizera Highway it was difficult to see past the onslaught of skiers. There was the perfect rehearsal for the Jizera 50th, scheduled for next Sunday. The operative word here is scheduled because the weather has not settled down for the Liberec Locamotive yet this year, forcing them to spend many hours doing hard labor.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.22.59 PM.png

These days, we commemorate the 41st anniversary of the Victorious February 1948. Since this historic victory of the working people, our country has gone through socialist transformations, which resulted in the elimination of the exploitation of social and national injustice and underdevelopment in the area.

CITIZEN: We applied for international relations, but we were not accepted, maybe this year.

CITIZEN: Foreign trade is a nice thing, where we need good, smart people who know how to trade...for us to sell well and not lose money.


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.27.08 PM.png

HONZA: Everyone remembers their grandfather's 70th birthday. And me? I was glad that dad and I made up. But Tonda and Dad? Neither Grandpa's 70th or Palach week could make either of them take the first step.

TONDA: You good?

KARL: Yeah, yeah, good, thank you. What about you, everything's okay?

TONDA: yep.

KARL: I guess I'll grab a beer.

TONDA: Sure.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.30.44 PM.png

HONZA: A surprise awaited Martina at the hospital.

MARTINA: Thank you.

JARDA: Will you marry me?


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.33.33 PM.png

HONZA: It took Radek long enough...

JANA: Ah! You went all out!

HONZA: ...before making up with Iveta.

IVETA: Tereza, I heard that you're married.

TEREZA: Yep, for two years.

IVETA: Really? And how old are you?

TEREZA: Twenty-two

IVETA: Twenty-two. Everyone should get married when they want, right? You know what? You can call me Iveta.

TEREZA: Hi, I'm Tereza.



Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.38.45 PM.png

HONZA: There was another surprise waiting for Martina that day.



MARTINA: Mrs. Francova, this is a surprise.

SCARLETT: Call me Scarlett, if we're going to be family. It sounds better. I thought I'd go visit my future daughter-in-law now, when she's alone.

MARTINA: I'll clean it up right away. Would you like a little coffee?

SCARLETT: Gladly. Milk, sugar. And when will the wedding be?

MARTINA: As soon as Jarda is healthy.

SCARLETT: That's best.

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