My love affair with Prague began back in 2011 and it's been quite the whirlwind romance since.

I came to Prague right after graduating from University in the USA. I was a bit aimless and at a loss for what I wanted out of life (what 22 year old isn't?!). But I never could have imagined the places my big move abroad would take me nor the amazing people I would meet. I've found my best friends in the kindred expat souls in Prague. My work as a teacher and TEFL instructor has brought me together with people from all over the world on any given day- there have been days where I've spent time with people from Korea, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Ireland, England, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Vietnam, Germany, and Poland all in one day.

Living in the heart of Europe has allowed me to go on some of my absolute favorite trips, from sea kayaking in Croatia, to alpine hiking in Austria, and barhopping in Berlin.

Without Prague, I would have never had the pleasure of meeting my film partner who I embarked on the trip of a lifetime with this past year as we filmed a documentary thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Time after time, I find myself coming back to Prague. Even though I wasn't born here, it feels like home. One little corner of the globe where my soul is happy. Who can blame me? The beer is fantastic, I rollerblade down the Vltava river, on weekends I train hop to villages and rolling hills to hike through, and EVERY SINGLE DAY I get to take in the beauty of Prague and think "I am so lucky".

Prague is Beef Goulash for the Soul.


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